FCA Full Circle

Anthony Wint began playing football with a community team, the Razorbacks, at Florida City Park when he was just seven years old. He continued playing football at Homestead High School, where he became involved with FCA. Former Miami Director Noah Wilbanks became the chaplain for the Florida International University (FIU) football team, and that’s where Anthony decided to continue playing football and says, “lucky for me, we [Noah] continued together through college.” Noah stayed in touch even when the NY Jets signed Anthony. During the NFL offseason, Anthony took the opportunity to come back and share his testimony with several high schools throughout Miami-Dade County.
Anthony believes in the mission and vision and FCA and wants to engage the next generation; he shares, “FCA has given me a vehicle to re-center my focus on Christ and grow a community of like-minded young people.” Anthony currently serves at the FCA huddle at FIU as a volunteer and gives athletes and non-athletes alike the opportunity to grow fellowship on campus. He recalled meeting some of his best friends through FCA and was able to “build a stronger team bond meeting with my teammates who were on the same path.” Anthony sees how involved the student leadership is at the FIU FCA community and is excited about the growth over the last few months. “In a city like Miami, where there are so many ‘better’ things to do on a Wednesday night, it’s inspiring to see these young people taking steps towards Christ.”
Anthony Wint is a product of FCA from his high school locker room to the college campus and the NFL field. Now he’s giving back to the community that gave so much to him on and off the field. Anthony has a desire to help young people connect to FCA and provide the tools for them to benefit as he did, “ultimately it’s about a relationship with God and to give athletes an opportunity to feed their spirits and deny their flesh.” One of those tools is the FCA Competitors Bible. At all FCA huddles, students who request one can receive a Competitors Bible that includes 365 devotions written by competitors for competitors of all sports to equip them for their walk with God, and provide God-centered wisdom and perspective. FCA also provides a version for the Coach to equip and encourage them as well. Current Miami Director, Jerry Beverly, continues the FCA huddle with the Razorbacks and keeps in touch with Anthony at the FIU campus club.

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